We know them on stage and as a superstar. Although we have seen photos of them before he became famous and know its history, it is the first time that we can see how conquered producers who launched their careers. Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez and Miley Cyrus, or Sunny (Sonny), Alex (the wizards of Waverly Place) and Hanna Montanah, his characters in fiction, are three of the names Disney using the children as a springboard channel series, a jump which has launched the music charts.

What did, what were they? With just eleven or twelve years they had that glow in the eye and that desparpajo has become them "scenic animals", however, soon now in their twenties, they still retain a certain air of child in the face. The resemblance is still there, do not you think?

Miley Cyrus Audition Tape for Hannah Montana

Selena Gomez - Audition Tape for Disney channel HQ

Demi Lovato's Audition Tape

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